Suction Cup Tie Downs

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One of the biggest problems with aftermarket custom covers is securing them to the boat while mooring (or on the water). Original covers often have snaps that secure the cover to the boat, but when buying a cover online, this is obviously not feasible, so a rope or elastic drawstring on the edge of the cover is used instead. Tying this drawstring tight is often fine for general covering purposes, but when it comes to trailering or extreme weather, this system leaves much to be desired. This problem has been solved for trailering by using straps with plastic buckles or rope ratchets (as we sell here) to tie the cover to the boat’s trailer, but since the boat doesn’t have a trailer when it’s in the water, this system doesn’t help.

The most recent solution to this problem is the suction cup tie down system. The system is pretty simple, and has been around for years, but just recently has been perfected. They work by looping through the cinches on the boat cover (similar to any other tie down), and sticking onto the side of the boat. This works very well on fiberglass (gel-coated) or metal hulls. The suction cups that we supply on Star Boat Covers are from a company called Kwik Tek, and work just great. They hold up to 60lbs of pressure in any direction, which is more than enough to handle any storm or wind.

Before the Star Boat Covers team will put any product on the website, however, we have to test it and be totally satisfied with the results. Our test was to attach the suction cup to a metal cabinet and see how long it would hold a 40lb weight. We wetted the suction cup with a few drops of water, and then stuck it to the cabinet. We then wrapped its cord around the weight, and let it drop. The suction cup slid about an inch on the first try before catching and holding. On the second try, I kept my hand on the suction cup (so it wouldn’t slip), and then dropped the weight. This time, the suction cup held right away and didn’t move at all. The section cup has been in the same position for three weeks (as of the writing of this blog post), and has given no sign of give.

We are thoroughly satisfied with the quality of these suction cups, and thus, offer the product on These suction cups have efficiently solved a long-time problem plaguing the boat cover industry. We urge you to give them a try.